Turquoise Jewelry: The Birthstone Of December.

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Do you know that which gemstone is one the rarest and oldest to be discovered in the entire history of the mankind? Well, to your bewilderment, it’s the bluish turquoise.

The “December Birthstone” is indeed far cheaper than precious gems and jewels like diamonds, yellow gold as well as rubies and sapphires. However, as far as beauty and elegance is concerned, turquoise jewelry leaves no stone unturned to lend a marvellous and mundane appearance to its wearer. Besides, this astounding beauty gets complimented with the magical and mystic healing powers and properties that works to purify mind, body and soul collectively.

Out of all bluish gemstones in the gemstone jewelry market, like aquamarine jewelry and the adorable London Blue Topaz, the hue of turquoise tends to be the most alluring as well as eye-captivating for the jewelry lovers.

Goes without saying, that turquoise is one the most valuable and adorable semi-precious gemstones in the gemstone jewelry market alongside the vibrant and cheerful opal jewelry.

Well, you deserve to attain some reliable and genuine information about turquoise jewelry so that you can get the best quality, 100% authentic turquoise jewelry on your next jewelry hunt. Let’s know the history and benefit of turquoise jewelry.

The Earliest Documentation of Turquoise

To give all our beloved jewelry lovers a vivid flashback about the history and advent of turquoise, we have to go to the era that prevailed somewhere between 2500-3000 B.C.

Amongst all, the ancient Egyptians were the very first group of people who began adoring turquoise for its miraculous and divine properties. As per sources, it was discovered that the Egyptians used to adorn turquoise as an amulet to fight against the negative and evil energies that could drastically overpower a person.

Besides, this gemstone also beholds the powers to re-align all the chakra to their most dominative position in the body. Even various traces of turquoise were excavated from the remains of Egyptians royal artefacts, tombs and castles.

Basic Properties of Turquoise Jewelry

Let’s delve to learn some basic properties of turquoise jewelry. This short and crisp guide would help you get your hands over the most glittering turquoise ring and the most elegant and precious turquoise pendant.


Turquoise basically comes in a bluish hue with green vein-like structure all over its surface. This blue hue can range from being deep dark blue, sky blue, pale blue, and even yellowish to greenish blue. Amongst all, that most iconic and eye-captivating shade is the medium to intense sky-blue shade. It is also known as the robin’s egg blue shade.


The luster that surges the elegance and makes it look even smooth and milky can be waxy to sub-vitreous.

Clarity Levels

Turquoise jewelry can range from being completely transparent to opaque. Finely cut and molded ornaments will usually have a semi-translucent level of clarity. However, if you observe a fogy and mist surface, then it’s a fake piece probably.

Hardness Level

As far as hardness level is concerned, this marvellous and utterly charming gemstone slightly misses the benchmark as it has clocked down a mere score of 5-6 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This demands some extra care and concern on the part of the wearer while adorning themselves with turquoise jewelry.

The Stone of Spirituality

It’s grounding and serene energy can lend you a truly pacified and peaceful state of mind. On achieving such a serene state of mind, the person is able to deal in a better way with overwhelming thoughts as he/she attains peak levels of intuition and self-awareness. Also, a great aid in meditation to focus better and more sharply.

The Stone that Aligns the Throat Chakra

Often, astrologers and scholars from the realm of gemology uplift the fact that the divine powers of turquoise jewelry work in a quite prolific and miraculous way to re-align and activate the throat chakra. It comes with some exemplary benefits like enhancing communication and speaking abilities and also, boosting the creativity and intellectual insights of the mind.

The Stone of Love

The purity of turquoise jewelry can even infuse love and affection in the heart of the wearer. By aiding forgiveness and acceptance, turquoise opens up the person to feel the true power of love. Gifting a turquoise ring to your wife can bless your marriage life with an intact state of affection, trust as well as mutual understanding.

The Stone of Health

Besides being an exemplary beauty and charm booster, turquoise can also help you achieve a healthy and disease-free state of your body. Some of the benefits that your body will experience in-n-out on being adorned with turquoise jewelry are:

A Shield Against Negativity

If you think that your surrounding ambience has got full of lethal some negative energies, then just placing a piece of turquoise stone will infuse positivity in the environment by fighting and slaying all the negative energies.

Wrapping Up.

Did you know that fake and exploitative gemstone jewelry artists can easily defraud you by offering howlite or plastic on the pretext of turquoise jewelry? That’s how that market has become after breaching saturation.

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