Ensuring Proper Training for Employees Dealing with High-Risk Foods

It is well known that foodborne illness outbreaks can be disastrous for public health and a company’s financial future. This is especially true for employees whose job entails interacting with high-risk foods daily. Without proper training, the potential for dangerous contamination or cross-contamination exists at every turn, and companies must ensure their employees have the…

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The Role of Leadership in Project Management

Project management requires the dedicated attention of competent individuals to be successful. The actual test of a project manager’s capabilities lies in their ability to inspire, motivate and lead teams towards reaching meaningful goals while managing timescales, resources and budgets effectively. Leadership has a significant role in the success or failure of projects; it is…

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How Does NHS Work for Quality of Care?

The National Health Service (NHS) is a national system of care and well-being for people in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Providing access to fully-funded healthcare services to everyone can be daunting, yet the NHS manages it with skill, compassion and effectiveness. But how does this dedicated organisation ensure the quality of care? In…

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