Almost 60% of consumers think that Amazon product images are more important than descriptions. This shows that one of the key components of your Amazon listing is your product photos.
By clearly displaying the contents of your products to prospective customers, clear, high- quality photos will aid in the sale of your goods.
On the other hand, poor photos can hurt your listings. Photos that are dark or unclear, or even the incorrect quantity of shots, can have a significant impact. That is why good image design matters a lot when it comes to boosting amazon sales. Let’s discuss how.

Types of Amazon Product Images

I’ll offer you an overview of a fundamental image strategy, however the sort of images you should obtain depends on your product. A good approach is to get help from Amazon product listing images design services.
The main picture, infographic images, and lifestyle photographs should all be included in every image strategy.

 Main Image

Possibly the most significant element of the entire listing is the main photograph (aside from the product itself). The master photograph of your goods against a white backdrop is shown here. It must to depict just how the customer would see your goods if they took it out of the packaging.

 Infographics

Infographics, often known as infographics, are visuals with text that highlight the advantages of your product. These pictures showcase all of your top qualities and explain why they make your product the best.

 Lifestyle Photos

The purpose of lifestyle photos is to demonstrate your product in use. These pictures aid in the potential customer’s ability to envision utilizing the product because they are unable to see it in person.

How Do Product Images on Amazon Increase Your Sales?

Conversion rates increase when an Amazon product photo is taken by an expert. In other words, it boosts the number of website visitors who make purchases.
Images used in infographics can demonstrate how each element of a product benefits the user. Increasing the customer’s faith in and enthusiasm for a product.

Search engine visibility is increased by high-quality (HQ) images. Promoting a new product requires careful consideration of SEO. Professionals who specialize in high-quality Amazon product photography make it simple.
Another crucial feature that lowers return rates is color fidelity. The typical consumer scans the visuals before reading the product name. As a result, Amazon product images have a significant impact on the choice.
If a client can zoom, pan without losing pixels, and view the product from various perspectives, their likelihood of making a purchase increases by three times.

Straightforward, Clear Images Develop Trust

Rather than ratings or reviews, more than 50% of consumers are interested in high-quality photographs.
So, only the offered product(s) should be visible in the first image. This is a helpful habit to establish and uphold trust, not a death sentence.
It makes sense to include unnecessary items in a photo when trying to tell a tale or tell a lifestyle story. Making a buyer believe they would receive something that isn’t included, however, results in unfavorable feedback.
The exerts at Amazon product listing images design services understand that images that are clear and focused on the product convey the promise and quality of the item.
You create a product page to market YOUR offering, not the offering itself. The customer just needs to be persuaded to choose you as the supplier since they are already looking for the product.

Credibility-Boosting Images

Just 20% of customers who visited a website really read the text. They would prefer to learn information from Amazon product images.
Enhancers of credibility help build consumer trust whether you’re selling food or personal care products. Customers may quickly see that your product is certified by adding logos that you are permitted to use.
You and every other internet user has made a mistake they subsequently regretted. It’s made you weary of the perils of online purchase, even on Amazon, whether it’s a terrible product or a complete fraud.
You may allay these worries in the minds of wary potential customers by being a skilled and moral seller. By offering a satisfaction/quality guarantee or a warranty, you can do this while fostering confidence in your company’s goods and reputation.

Different Perspectives Dispel Doubts

The more of the product you display in this case, the better. Customers visit a page with a list of inquiries in mind. Also, they enter to check for red flags above green lights.
Presenting the goods from multiple viewpoints enables customers realize how it will fit into their lives. Provide instances of everyday things so that size comparisons can be made. Provide an unboxed or dismantled guide to give an overview of the parts.

A close-up that is contextually displayed enables the customer to study finishes and minute details.

Significance of Amazon Images Conversion Rate

At the point at which you click through to the product page until you make the final buy, visuals have a significant impact on your choice. If you said that you didn’t examine every Amazon listing image provided by the merchant before choosing an item, you’d be lying.
In actuality, you might fall prey to persuasive imagery that converts you from a casual web browser to a quick buyer.

How to Make Exceptionally Interesting Product Pictures That Sell

• Include a narrative component into lifestyle photos. Explain your creative vision for each photograph to the creative directors, models, and photographers. Ask them to behave in accordance with the main narrative. Develop a theme and environment that go with the narrative. It will charm the people watching.
• Take advantage of cognitive bias. Spend more money on the main image than the other photos (which, on Amazon, must have a white backdrop). Clean, appealing product photos will captivate shoppers at first glance.
• Request attention from Amazon product listing images design services for product placement. Placements alone won’t make a good image. Place them precisely where the client can view the product, instead.

Design Top-Notch (and Powerful) Amazon Main Images

The main image’s objective is to sell the click. You can design an Amazon main image that stands out and makes you stand out from the competition while adhering to Amazon’s guidelines with a little more forethought and inventiveness.
For Amazon image designs and FBA copywriting, get help from the experts at Ecommphics.

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